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Go ON Local is closing

This site will no longer be available at the end of June 2017. Our work and resources have now transferred to the Tech Partnership.

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Practical guidance to help you improve Basic Digital Skills in your local area

Discover how you can engage your local community, take action, and deliver an impactful Basic Digital Skills programme which achieves results that you can measure.

Getting started

It can be difficult to know where to start. Begin by understanding the problem and how you can help.

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Measuring and evaluating

Before you begin, define what success will look like, and how to achieve it so that you can evaluate your work easily.

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Recruiting and training digital champions

Discover what roles are available for digital champions, and how they can take part in your activities.

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Resources for digital champions

Focus on why people want to use the internet so that your digital champions can help them get the Basic Digital Skills they need.

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Planning and running activities

Use templates and resources to make organising your activities less complicated, and stressful.

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Spread the word about your plans to let people know when and where to visit to get the Basic Digital Skills they need.

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Share your success and inspire others

Share how Basic Digital Skills have changed someone’s life, and inspire others to do the same.

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Helping small businesses and organisations

Help small businesses and organisations run more effectively with Basic Digital Skills.

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Do you have you a useful template, resource, document, or website to share? Add a resource

Work together

to improve Basic Digital Skills.

Enter your postcode to discover activity, offers and organisations near you.

What's happening

Discover activities happening near you and across the UK.

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Discover local groups, developing Basic Digital Skills programmes, near you and across the UK.

Internet Cafe

Internet Café: Free superfast Internet access! Feel free to drop-in on our Internet Cafe. Open throughout the day and into the evening. All the help you need to get you ...


Digital Connect

This group is to provide information about the Digital Connect project. This is about connecting small businesses and charities with young people who have received digital skills training to close ...


Helping others

helping others in local area


Offers and needs

Offer resources, space or time that could help others, or post a request for something you need to run your Basic Digital Skills activities.

handyskips is offering Other

Handy Skips is a well established skip hire and recycling business and we provide skips of all shapes & sizes to businesses, domestic and industry clients alike.


Peabody are offering Training

FREE I.T Computer training classes across London Peabody's Net Worx digital project offers Free computer I.T training sessions at the various community centres across London below. To find out more, ...


Silvia Simonetta is offering Equipment or software

Free second hand laptop offered for digital trainers in London!


Upcoming events

Let people know about Basic Digital Skills events that are coming up in your area.

30 November: Free computer advice and support session at AgeUK Ipswich by Lxpert (30 Nov 2017)

Lxpert has partnered with AgeUK Suffolk and are offering FREE computer advice and support to elderly people. Those browsing at the AgeUK shop in Ipswich Town Centre will have an ...


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